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  1. Commercial
    Commercial office in this address is very convenient considering the location which is very accessible from Alabang-Zapote Road. The usual area is around 35 square meter and with own toilet for privacy. Well maintained and secured is an added value to the client.
  2. Residential
    We manage also the properties bought to us by our client for investment. Some of the units that we manage are also the units that we sold to our clients. Investment properties are very safe and it gives real value for money.
  3. Residential
    We also provide rental properties for the select few. To satisfy their taste for privacy, security and individuality, we have these properties for rental. We are the property managers for some unit owners of this very elegant townhouse.
  4. Residential Condominiums
    Residential Condominiums
    Located near the different business district in Metro Manila and Cebu, these serves as housing for those who are working with in the immediate vicinity of the commercial district and those who do not want to experience the inconvenience of travelling from his/her residence especially this time of heavy traffic.
  5. Resort living
    Resort living
    Rentals for foreigners and those who are in vacation is also available in different places. We have available properties for rent in some of the finest resorts in the Philippines.
  6. Industrial
    We also provide rentals for our clients who wants industrial warehouse, office and other establishments to house the business of our clients such as those into ware housing, forwarding and manufacturing.
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